Fitbit firmware sudden drop in resting heart rate

fitbit firmware sudden drop in resting heart rate

fitbit firmware sudden drop in resting heart rate

I have been using Charge 2 for over six months. Over the last 3 weeks, suddenly the resting heart rate counter is steadily going up - has gone up by 9 bpm during the last 3 week period. What could be the reason here since no real change in my regimen orhwrwise. My Charge 2 has the software recently ...

 · My resting heart rate dropped 10 bpm from quitting drinking caffeine. My is around 58 now. BUT I'm on a beta blocker to drop my heart rate. And speaking of beta blockers, Bevin, you should see a doctor and get put on a 10 mg of Atenolol. It's a beta blocker, but at the low dose I'm on, it drops your resting heart rate, and drops your BP about ...

My heart rate for the first week wearing it was my usual, mid 60's with a resting around 52. Then, suddenly this past Tuesday, it's 90-100bpm all the time. Nothing has changed for me, whatsoever. Either I'm getting ready to have a heart attack or the tech is bugging out.

I have a resting heart rate of 59, prior to the Firmware Update my HR for the Fat Burning Zone was 95+ but now it is set at 112 +. Also workouts I previously completed which would show for example as 20 mins in Fat Burn zone and 20 mins in Cardio, are now showing as the whole time being below zones.

I have a Charge 3 and my parents each have a Versa (I think it's a Versa), All three of us have recorded sudden increases in our resting heart rates this past week. There was no firmware upgrade for my device and I do not believe my parents' devices had upgrades either. Is this a glitch? My RHR went from the upper 60s to the mid-70s, as did my parents. I'm 39 and my parents are in their early 70s.

Regardless of what fibs Fitbit claims, they have DEFINITELY changed the minimum Detectible heart rate, which affects the resting heart rate. The minimum heart rate is now 48 when it used to be 40 before the update. My charge 2 now flatlines when my heart beat goes below 48. I have a heart monitor implanted in my chest because my heart rate dips to the low 30s each night. Fitbit no longer ...

I received a FitBit this past Christmas and my resting heart rate has decreased several points since then. Specifically, after this past week of really ramping up activity, it has dropped from 64 bpm to 59. I've seen it get as low as 49 when sitting still. I was running long distances before a leg injury and am working my way back to that level of fitness. I wasn't keeping tabs on my heart ...

Resting heart rate does generally decrease with increased exercise and better conditioning but it is a long-term effect. It is not seen right away and could take weeks or months to be seen, especially with a big jump in exercise. In the short term, a big jump in exercise could well raise resting heart rate, especially if the body does not have time to recover. It is generally better to ...

My resting heart rate when I’m asleep and very tired is in the middle thirties, which is recognized as inadequate circulatory rates. It’s best to get a very good night sleep -7 hours is a minimum, and then can maintain at least a 40 plus heart rate. The good thing is the Fitbit watches provide some insight into all this, and give me something to discuss with the cardiologists.

External factors - medication, exposure to extreme cold, pressure on the eyes or carotid bodies. Internal factors - enhanced vagal tone - nausea, pain, vomiting ...

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