Spitronics firmware for nissan 1500 turbo

spitronics firmware for nissan 1500 turbo

spitronics firmware for nissan 1500 turbo

Specialising in the design, manufacture and development of world class standalone Engine Management & Transmission Control systems. This compact, reliable, ‘Wire & Play’ ECU & TCU is easily customized to suit a wide variety of applications ranging from Racing engines, Custom builds, Conversions and also offering an inexpensive solution for Aftermarket Replacement Units suitable for most ...

Nissan; Polaris; Subaru; Toyota; VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda; Yamaha; Product Overviews; Dealers; Tech; New Releases; Downloads. Download the latest ESP version; Software Downloads; ECU Wiring Diagrams; Pinouts, Guides, Manuals, etc. Download Product Images; Help. FAQs; Tech Forums; Remote Help; Product Repairs; Product Returns; Contact. Contact Us ; GM > Gen III (LS1/LS6) Gen III (LS1/LS6) …

In order to ensure the safety and high quality of Nissan vehicles, Nissan can recall customers for a free of charge repair or service campaign update.

Renault/Nissan 1.5dCi 1.5L dCi Delphi DCM 1.2 (ST10/512KB) 1.5L dCi Delphi DCM 3.4 (SH7059/1536KB) 1.5L dCi SID 301/303/304 (MPC562/2MB) 1.5L dCi SID 305/306 (TC1766/1504KB) 1.5L dCi SID 307 (TC1767/2MB) 2.3L dCi SID 309 (TC1767/2MB) Reading, writing, checksum correction. 98 $ Less. Module 26 Item no.: Mitsubishi Diesel CAN-bus Denso Diesel (SH7058/SH7058S/1MB) …

Nissan CAS; Nissan HR16DE; Nissan VQ30DE; Nissan VQ35DE; Renix 44-2-2; Renix 66-2-2-2; Rover V8 (8+1 on crank) Rover K-series (lotus elise) 1.8; Single pulse per 720 degrees (piggyback trigger) Subaru EJ20 (early) 6crank+7cam teeth; Subaru EJ20 (late) 36 teeth; Suzuki 13B (requires modified trigger wheel) Suzuki G16B (ON CAM) Suzuki GSX (with digital sensor) Suzuki Swift 2012 - 2017 …

Nissan CA18DETT (444cc petrol) Nissan Patrol 4.8l auto (2001-2016) - MaxxECU SPORT; Nissan Patrol 4.8l auto-man (2017-2019) - MaxxECU SPORT ; Nissan Patrol 4.8l man (2001-2016) - MaxxECU SPORT; Nissan RB25 (850cc E85) Nissan RB26 (1680cc E85) Nissan RB26 ITB (720cc petrol) Nissan SR20 (750cc petrol) Opel 2.0 C20LET (1000cc E85) SAAB B204 Turbo (1300cc E85) Subaru EJ20 …

STEINBAUER Performance makes aftermarket modules for more power and more torque on passenger cars, trucks, RVs, and agricultural machinery.

Visit the Official Nissan USA Site to Experience Nissan Cars, Trucks, Crossovers & SUVs.

Venus ecu user manual ver2.2.4.0 1. MANUAL IntroductionThe manual is written in sequence for the beginner. If you are a first time user spend some timeworking through it and understanding where and how the information are put together so that it willbe easy to find what you are looking for.

Excavator parts for Nissan A15 Piston & Pin & Snap Ring Model: for Nissan Production time: in stock OE: 12010-G3411, 12010-G3421, 12010-H9261 If you want to order it, please kindly contact with us to check the express charge, thank you! Our company specialized in the engine parts for forklift and machinary, like engine bearing, piston, piston ring, engine valve, valve guide, valve seat ...

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